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Commitment to our products is important. Creating high quality formulations is our priority. All this to guarantee your care and well-being.

Hair Care

Our range of hair care products focuses on providing the best treatments for your hair, allowing us to achieve outstanding results.

Beauty and wellness

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Customised products



At Private Label by BSN you can choose from a wide range of hairdressing and cosmetic products from essential oils, hair serums to moistourisers. No one knows better than you what your customers need, so you have the freedom of choice.

With Private Label by BSN you will get the highest quality for your customers to enjoy the best results. By joining the beauty faimly, you can enjoy all the benefits of having your own cosmetics and hairdressing brand.



Bring out all the ingenuity you have inside you and tell us even the smallest detail about the design you have in mind, we will make it come true. We take care of packaging design, logo creation, labels, final details and much more.

Our experts are committed to ensuring that your products are personalised with the best finish so that they stand out from the competition. Choose from all the products in our range and transform them into your own brand.



Trust us, we offer a safe and efficient shopping experience so that you can live the dream of having your own cosmetics and hairdressing brand, with an exclusive identity.

The process is already underway. You will receive all the beauty products you have ordered within 30 days. When you receive the products you can put them on sale. Our team has made sure that the result exceeds your expectations, with a perfect design for your business. Don’t wait any longer and make your dream come true!

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Let’s grow together

Our added value is to take care of our customers. We offer you a free quotation of 1 or 2 units of the products that catch your attention at a sample price. This way you can check the high quality we work with to create incredible products, because we know that you and your customers deserve the best.

We offer personalised cosmetics produced in Spain of the highest quality. Thanks to our innovative methodology we always achieve the best results. In addition, we have a range of products for both skin and hair.

Choose the ones you like the most and we will take care of the rest!

We are looking for you


1. Do you want to stop being a free brand advertiser because you don’t make a profit?

2. Do you think that having your own brand is too difficult?

3. Do you want to have an extra in your own business?

Starting a new brand can be challenging. Behind dreams of success, there can be significant challenges. We are aware of what it entails. Don’t worry, you’ll have a team to guide you every step of the way.

One step away from making Private Label BSN.

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Natural cosmetics

Committed to the environment

Having too many active ingredients does not always mean that the product is more efficient, but it does mean that it is more expensive.

We want to offer you the best products at the best price. That is why our formulations have the optimal properties. Thus, they are effective and affordable, following organic cosmetic product lines.

We use natural ingredients in our formulations, always avoiding those that may be aggressive to the skin. All our processes in the manufacture of natural cosmetics take into account the care of our planet and all those who live in it ♥.

Private label BSN Cosmetica EN Testado Dermatologicamente
Private label BSN Cosmetica EN Ingredientes Veganos
Private label BSN Cosmetica EN Sin Ingredientes Animales
Private label BSN Cosmetica EN No Testado en Animales
Private label BSN Cosmetica EN Libre de Emisiones co2
Private label BSN Cosmetica EN Fabricado en Espanya

Responsible Products

With hair and the planet

We take care of the Planet and our customers.

We seek the highest percentage of natural ingredients possible in each formulation, always avoiding those that may be aggressive to the hair.

All our processes take into account the care of our planet and all of us who live on it ♥.

ingredientes respetuosos peluqueria
Private label BSN Peluqueria EN Sin Sales
Private label BSN Peluqueria EN Libre de Parabenos
Private label BSN Peluqueria EN Fabricado en Europa CEE
Private label BSN Peluqueria EN ciencia de vanguardia
Private label BSN Peluqueria EN Sin Siliconas
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Private Label BSN

Your Cosmetics Manufacturers

We are Private Label BSN, manufacturers of cosmetics in Spain for third parties. We serve small, medium and large companies making it possible for you to have your own branded cosmetic products in your business.

We are committed to offering our customers a pleasant and secure experience, providing a streamlined system to ensure this. Our team of professionals is dedicated to offering the best services and products, using the latest technological advances in the field of cosmetics.

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve, to ensure your satisfaction. We are proud to be able to offer a wide range of personalised cosmetic and hairdressing products, ranging from small to large quantities.

We offer a safe and efficient shopping experience. So you can live the dream of having your own cosmetic and hairdressing brand with an exclusive identity, but most important of all, without fear in the process and enjoy it. We want to meet you, contact us.

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