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A lifetime

Our family tradition in the beauty sector as cosmetic professionals has allowed us to work and get to know the day-to-day life of aesthetic professionals for years.

Like many of these professionals, we have been ambassadors for other brands in our salons, endorsing the product with our experience and the trust that customers have in us. Some efforts that we lost since these products can be easily found on the Internet, even at a lower price.

This is where the idea came to us, what if it was possible to have our own brand and recommend our own products to customers? But, the reality is that microenterprises and SMEs cannot meet the demands of large suppliers, nor do we have time to coordinate all the necessary procedures.

So we decided to go one step further and undertake a project capable of solving this situation both for us and for the rest of the professionals in the sector: we work to offer an opportunity to make the dream of having your own brand come true with quality formulations of professional salon for skin and hair care. And so BSN Cosmetics was born.

Your success is our commitment

We want to be part of your team, and that is why we offer personalised attention, closely following your project and finding all the solutions you need.

We have a great product, but what matters the most to us is to establish closer ties with you and your project, so you always feel accompanied.

A path guided by our values


Your project is ours

Each project is unique, with different needs and possibilities. Your project is the most precious entity for us and that is how we want you to feel it. We listen to you in order to offer the best advice based on our experience and, thus be able to find the best solutions. Text us whenever you need it!



Our formulations are really effective and contain the best active ingredients of the moment. We always seek to meet a high quality standard. We manufacture in our laboratories in Spain following the European regulations on good manufacturing practices for cosmetic products UNE EN ISO 22716:2008.



Coordinating different suppliers (packaging, formulas, labels, design, etc.) is an expensive and complicated job, which can take up a lot of time (and give you big headaches). For this reason, we take care of the comprehensive management of all the necessary processes, so that setting up your professional cosmetic line is simple, fast and at the lowest risk.


It is your

You have come this far, you want this to be your project, and you are just one click away from making your dream come true.

It is your

You have come this far, you want this to be your project, and you are just one click away from making your dream come true.

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