Frequent questions

We know that at the beginning there are many doubts that may arise, so we have prepared this list of frequently asked questions to try to solve them.

If there is still something you are not clear about, do not hesitate to contact us.

Frequent questions

We know that at the beginning there are many doubts that may arise, so we have prepared this list of frequently asked questions to try to solve them.

If there is still something you are not clear about, do not hesitate to contact us.


As you already know, there is no minimum order! But, depending on the units per reference that you request, the discount on the product will be greater or less.

The PVP is an indicative price that we indicate, so that you set the sale prices to your clients.

The price varies depending on the amount of product you order. It's your choice: you can buy little by little, as you make sales so as not to risk too much, or have more in stock and benefit from a greater discount. Price escalations are applied for:

  • Less than 10 units
  • Between 10 and 20 units
  • More than 20 units

If you want to make larger orders, check the price scale for more units to acquire a greater discount.

The PVP is the Retail Price that you can set on the products to sell to your customers. This is an indicative price that we have obtained after doing a market study, taking into account competing brands with a similar quality.

However, you are the owner of your brand so you choose the price of your products!


With the samples you will get an idea of what our creams are like. Seeing textures, aromas and how the skin absorbs the product will give you a first idea of the quality of our products.

You will receive 6 formulations from our catalog, but there is much more! We encourage you to review the catalog and make a first order with the formulas that interest you.

If you want the sample pack, you can request them through the form that you will find here.

Of course! If you want to get an idea of the costs of your project and get numbers to see how to start your project, do not hesitate to ask for a budget without commitment.

Indicate the products and units with which you want to work and we will send it to you!

We give your address and country and we calculate the shipping costs

The products are kept in perfect condition for 3 years as long as the container is not opened and it is kept in good condition.

Once the container is opened, its use is recommended before the first 6 months.


All products have the necessary studies, tests and records to be able to put them up for sale. So don't worry, you don't need to do any paperwork!

The CPNP is an online notification portal created so that companies in the cosmetics industry can submit information about products on the market to the European Commission.

This information is not public, it can only be accessed by Poison Control Centers and the competent authorities, for the purposes of surveillance and market analysis, evaluation and consumer information.

All Stock Line products are registered, so it is not mandatory that you do this process again.

The notification to the portal must be made by the person responsible for the cosmetic and the distributors who market a cosmetic from another member state to the European Commission and translate or modify its labeling to comply with national legislation. Therefore, our company must be reflected on all labels as responsible for the product.

If you want to modify this information and make yourself responsible for the product, you do have to register again.

In case you make your own formulation, being a completely new product, you do have to register it in the CPNP.

When a responsible person or a distributor wants to request access to the CPNP, they previously require a registration in ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service), which will provide them with a key and a password for access to numerous applications of the European Commission. You can access the portal page through the link

We know that if you don't know all this process it can be complicated, long and tedious. Therefore, if you decide to change this information on the label and register the products in the CPNP, we can help you!

Our team can take care of registering the references you want in the CPNP. The price varies depending on the number of references, due to the time invested in the management

  • Information needed for registration:
  • Full commercial name of the cosmetic product and its category
  • Tax name, DNI or CIF and full postal address of the responsible person. This address is where the product information file (EIP) is located.
  • Contact person with email and telephone
  • Country of origin (all our products are manufactured in Spain)
  • Web and other commercial information that you wish to include
  • Product photo
  • Original labeling
  • Formulation

*Remember that the product must be registered in the name of a company, so you will have to have the registered trademark

Yes, our laboratory has carried out all the necessary studies and tests to be able to launch the products on the market, which are reflected in this Safety Dossier.

The Security Documents contain confidential information about the formulation and manufacture of the product, so we cannot deliver it to the customer.

However, thanks to the registration in the CPNP, in the event that the competent authorities request this document, they will contact the registered person in charge (us), who will supply the required Security Dossier.

Currently, there is no law or regulated standard that determines the requirements to certify a product as natural or organic. To cover this need and inform clients, private certifiers have emerged, with their own criteria to grant the category of natural or ecological.

Our laboratories have not been in contact with any certifier, it is a procedure that the client himself must do in case he wants to certify his products.

From BSN Cosmetics, we offer you with total transparency the % of natural and ECO ingredients of each formula.


To personalize the products, we have different options:

  1. Use our design with your logo - FREE
  2. Send us your own label design - FREE
  3. Our design team can help you create your label as you like - rate €45/hour (depending on the volume of work)

Yes, the labels are completely customizable and you can put the name of the product that you like the most.

You can also modify the information that appears on the label, always respecting the legal requirements of information and transparency of labels.

Labels must be a means to guarantee that our customers can better understand the product they are buying, that is, that they can make informed and responsible choices.

The European Union, in article 19 of the Cosmetics Regulation, establishes certain information that must appear on the labeling of products, ensuring transparency in information for consumers.

  • Nominal content in gr or ml
  • Name and contact of the person responsible for placing on the market.
  • List of ingredients
  • Date of maximum durability or PAO
  • Particular precautions for use
  • Lot manufacturing number
  • Green Point

We have two different printing options, with different prices and results, so you can choose the one that best suits your project.

Printing management is included in the price of the product, simply add the costs of printing and labeling.

  1. Craft labels: with a standard paper label finish. They are printed per sheet, the minimum varies depending on the size of the labels and the amount of product to label.
  2. Professional labels: with specific finishes for cosmetic products. They are much more resistant and admit special finishes. They are printed in rolls with a minimum of 50 units, which will be used as orders are made (it is not necessary to use them all in the same order, they can be saved).

We recommend making the initial investment in professional labels, as they give a better image to the final product.

Yes, you can make the designs yourself with the label templates (sizes, necessary information, etc.). We can take care of the printing or you can do it yourself.

We have a design team with experience in design for cosmetics and beauty, who will be happy to help you find your perfect label!

The rate is €45/hour of work, so we recommend that you get ideas of how you want the labels to speed up the whole process.

The person responsible for the product, who is registered with the CPNP, must appear on the label. You can register and appear as responsible. Check more information here.

Make sure you always send us your logo with the highest possible quality and resolution so that it comes out perfect on the label print. Preferably in PDF or JPG format.


It is your

You have come this far, you want this to be your project, and you are just one click away from making your dream come true.

It is your

You have come this far, you want this to be your project, and you are just one click away from making your dream come true.

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